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The International Relations Office (IRO) is a division that falls under the Department of External Relations Development. We administer and manage the international affairs of the Royal Thimphu College. The Office is responsible for overseeing and developing international student exchange agreements along with participation in international networks and cooperation with academic partners.

We welcome a growing number of international students annually and provide various services for incoming international students and visiting staff. The IRO was established in 2009 to respond to the needs of a growing number of international students, resulting from our partnerships with various universities in Europe, the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Nepal, and India. At the time there were a number of students from overseas who needed assistance with the settling-in process and advice in complying with the new environment of Bhutan. The original mission of the office remains the same which is to provide information to the students on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues, handle financials, social and cultural differences, and resources at Royal Thimphu College and also enhance diversities within the campus. IR has improved and grown over the years and it aims to increase the international student population to 15%.

Since its foundation, IRO has represented various relationships between international students and the Royal Government of Bhutan’s agencies that have jurisdiction over their stay here. Over the years, IRO has played a gradually significant part in advocacy with government agencies and legislators on issues concerning international students and scholars.

 IRO team

Staff Profile



   Dr. Samir Patel

 My background is in science and I’ve served in research and teaching roles until shifting into academic management and now external relations. My interests include hiking, cooking, travel, and maybe gardening.




   Ms. Tshering Choden

 “Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” ―Stephen Covey






  Mr. Tenzin Namgyel 

  I am socially outgoing and like to interact with people from different backgrounds to learn and share new ideas and experiences




Tashi Dorji

   Ms. Namgay Dema

  I have more than 9 years of work experience in international education programmes with UWICER, DoFPS. I am a passionate communicator & tactful facilitator of international programmes & external relations development. I have an undergraduate bachelor's degree in English & Environmental Studies from RTC.   




   Ms. Jamyang Choden

  An alumna of RTC, cynophilist and an environmental enthusiast. Sketching semi-realistic arts, learning languages and watching movies alone is my cup of tea.