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Project Title

Green Entrepreneurship and Local Culture: Youth Workers on the Move



Aim of the Project

The project seeks to build the capacity of youth organizations in Europe and Asia to promote green skills, circular economy, and youth-led green entrepreneurship in encouraging positive social change in rural areas of involved countries.


● Improve the knowledge and capacity of youth organization to promote green and entrepreneurial skills in rural areas as a way to overcome youth unemployment.

● Enhance cooperation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth work in rural areas based on local cultural traditions and environmental awareness.

● Support the qualitative development of youth work through the application of a training toolkit for green skills.

Project Number


Grant Awarded (Euros)

The project is 20% co-financed by Royal Thimphu College and 80% supported by the EU

€18,012.50 (Total Budget)

Project Period

18 Months (Dec 2020 - June 2022)


1. Youth Workers Seminar for Cooperation - to support the qualitative development of youth work by setting objectives based on young people’s needs. Researching the local cultural traditions and measures to facilitate green entrepreneurship and circular economy in rural areas.

2. Collection of local good practices with the potential to be transferred in other regions and countries - based on the cultural traditions and practices on using natural resources in a sustainable way and niches for green entrepreneurial activities let by young people

3. Development of video collection of the good practices, in the form of case studies for acquiring green skills and application of circular economy in certain contexts - video case library, which shows the elements and steps in doing entrepreneurship and applying green skills in rural areas

4. Training toolkit for green skills and youth-led green entrepreneurship based on local cultures and traditions - how to use local resources for sustainable development

5. Training of trainers for youth workers - Bootcamp for green skills

6. Green awareness campaigns in partner countries

RECALL Project Partner Institutions/Beneficiaries

Partner InstitutionCountryCity
Dobrudzha Agraian and Business School (DABS) BULGARIA Dobrich
Royal Thimphu College (RTC) Bhutan Thimphu
Rural Centre for Human Interests (RUCHI) Bhagyri
Myint-Mo Education Foundation Myanmar Myanmar
Center of Strategies for Youth Development (CSYD) Romania Timisoara
Sfera International Republic of North Macedonia Bitola
Payap University (PU) Thailand San Pu Loei

Project Coordinator

Dobrudzha Agrarian and Business School (DABS)


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RTC Beneficiaries

International Relations Office


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Project Team Members

Namgay Dema

   Ms. Namgay Dema

   Namgay is the International Relations Officer and she is the Project Leader for RECALL


Mon Maya Chettri

   Ms. Mon Maya Chettri

   Mon Maya is the Asst. Finance Officer and she is the Project Finance Focal for RECALL


Nawang Yangden

   Ms. Nawang Yangden 

   Nawang is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and she is the Project Member for RECALL


Madhav Verma

   Mr. Madhav Verma 

   Madhav is the Senior Lecturer and he is the Project Member for RECALL


Milan Subba

   Ms. Milan Subba 

   Milan is the Associate Lecturer and she is the Project Member for RECALL