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Programme Overview


Project Title

Entrepreneurship Knowledge Centers to Foster Innovative Entrepreneurship Practices in Education and  Research 



Project Aims

1. To promote entrepreneurship education, the creation of an entrepreneurial mind set and disruptive business development at HEIs in Bhutan, Nepal and Laos to benefit from sustainable and professional business development on a national, regional and local level.  

2. To enhance the university-business cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship to foster the concept  and the idea of business development, increase teaching quality and in the long-run to increase the  employability of graduates. 

3. To foster innovation in the field of entrepreneurship by including established entrepreneurs in  student-business learning activities within an institutionalized physical environment. 

4. Internationalization of higher education institutions and countries having limited access to  international cooperation in research and capacity building. 

Specific Objectives

1. To strengthen teaching staff capacities and student skill sets through innovative teaching & learning  methodologies by offering trainings combining theoretical and practical inputs & study visits including multiplier events. 

2. Technical development of the entrepreneurship knowledge centers (EKCs) in each of the 6 HEIs in Bhutan, Nepal and Laos to operate the centers and apply the learned knowledge - technical innovations  at the HEIs.  

3. Implementation and operation of 6 EKCs on entrepreneurship conceptualization and education with different foci.

4. To enhance the cooperation of HE-Enterprise and students learning experience by developing Innovative Entrepreneurship Case studies in cooperation with established entrepreneurs, to apply the innovative methods learned and prepare the students for innovative thinking & acting in “real life” contexts.  

5. To promote greater access to high quality educational materials on the topic of teaching & learning  methods and technology enhancement, providing Open Educational Resources to regional and international communities. 

6. To extend networks in entrepreneurship innovation in national & international HE contexts by joint  publications and organizing the International Conference on Innovative entrepreneurship practices. 

Project Number


Grant Awarded (Euros)


Project Period

2021 to 2024 

ENCORE Project Partners 

Partner InstitutionCountryCity
FH Joanneum Austria Graz
University of Alicante Spain Alicante
Haaga-Helia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy Finland Helsinki
Royal University of Bhutan (Gedu College) Bhutan Chhukha
Royal Thimphu College Bhutan Thimphu
Tribhuvan University Nepal Kathmandu
Global College International Nepal Kathmandu
Souphanouvong University Laos Luang Prabang
National University of Laos Laos Vientiane

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Contact (Project Coordinator) 

FH Joanneum, Austria  

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International Relations Office

Royal Thimphu College 

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