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9th RTC SEISA Cultural Exchange ProgrammeJapan

A group of ten RTC students were accompanied by Mr.Tshewang Tandin (President of RTC), Lopen Karma Tshewang (Senior Lecturer of Dzongkha) and Mr. Bahadur Lepcha (Storekeeper) on a visit to Japan for the 9th Annual SEISA Cultural Exchange Programme from 27th January- 4th February, 2020.

The long-standing partnership between SEISA and RTC provides intercultural exchange opportunities for students, faculty and staff within the two institutions. The exchange programme also aims at promoting understanding and building a strong friendship between the two countries and between SEISA and Royal Thimphu College. According to the theme of the programme, titled ‘Inclusiveness’, the participants visited historic temples and various schools, including the SEISA high schools located in Odawara and Oiso which provide facilities for students with disabilities. 

The group also visited some notable places in Japan such as the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, the National Astronomy Observatory, and Odawara castle, followed by a courtesy call with the Vice Mayor of Odawara city. The programme helped the participants experience a wide variety of enriching activities, such as learning about the advancement of technology, standards of living in Japan, and trying Japanese cuisine and traditional clothing. It also provided a platform for the RTC students to share their own culture and traditions with their Japanese counterparts. 

SEISA and RTC are looking forward to the 10th year of their partnership.

9th RTC SEISA Cultural Exchange ProgrammeJapan 20200319